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White Papers

Access the latest sustainability insights through our partners’ white papers, research reports and case studies. These resources cover a wide range of topics, including energy strategy, data management, next-gen buildings and natural-resource use. Sharpen your knowledge by downloading these complimentary resources.

January, 2021
Tetra Pak research study?reveals?food safety-environment dilemma fostered by?COVID-19?pandemic? Tetra Pak is sharing findings from its global research?study,…
January, 2021
The future of packaging is circular While packaging has improved standards of living by creating access to safe food and water, reducing food waste and…
December, 2020
Solar is the fastest growing form of energy, and as more companies and governments turn to solar as a clean and affordable source of power, they often don’t…
December, 2020
Across the country, schools and learning institutions are implementing ambitious initiatives to reach renewability goals. One such school, Black Hills State…
December, 2020
Microsoft recently executed the first-ever Peace Renewable Energy Credit (P-REC) transaction with Energy Peace Partners and Congolese solar developer, Nuru.…
November, 2020
Despite increasingly ambitious targets and a stated desire to meet these targets, companies continue to delay action to implement the necessary changes. How…
November, 2020
Consumers have made it clear; they want more sustainable packaging, but they also want brands to do much more than make claims like “green,” “environmentally-…
October, 2020
Why and how are companies making the transition to clean energy? The why is it increasingly clear. ESG commitments, paired with the compelling financial…
September, 2020
As companies work to address their environmental footprint, voluntary carbon markets are seeing expansive growth as a viable strategy to offset emissions when…
September, 2020
Staying Competitive in the Fast-Growth C&I Solar Sector Following a decade which saw C&I end users contract nearly 25 gigawatts (GW) of renewable…