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White Papers

Access the latest sustainability insights through our partners’ white papers, research reports and case studies. These resources cover a wide range of topics, including energy strategy, data management, next-gen buildings and natural-resource use. Sharpen your knowledge by downloading these complimentary resources.

July, 2021
No commercial property is immune to water blindness. But failing to address it can be devastating. Aside from being inefficient, water blindness may lead to…
July, 2021
Every organization around the world has two things in common. First, they must follow the regulatory guidelines that govern their EHS operations. Second, those…
June, 2021
Driven by a confluence of environmental, market and regulatory trends, delivery and logistics companies around the world are beginning to adopt electric trucks…
June, 2021
As the world pivots to a net-zero society, every business across every sector has an important role to drive real change. There is also increasing demand from?…
May, 2021
The World of Energy white paper – GHD surveyed over 8000 consumers across the globe to provide a report and detailed exploration of our survey findings,…
April, 2021
Organizations around the world are increasingly focused on setting and achieving ambitious GHG reduction targets including net zero emissions, carbon…
April, 2021
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria is changing the corporate and investment?landscape. In fact, the value of ESG-driven assets now exceeds $…
March, 2021
Solar energy is the fastest growing form of energy globally, rapidly scaling to meet increased demand. A driving force behind this trend is increased interest…
February, 2021
Did you know that more than 30% of businesses are exploring ways to use energy to support higher growth, greater efficiencies and reduced business risk? The…
February, 2021
Investors, consumers and employees are increasingly focused on corporate ESG goals. This newfound attention is a universally positive change, helping…